Tango Argentino II

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Tango Argentino II, originally uploaded by Marcus Steinmeyer.

Musicians & Dancers blend into a magical mix of moving passions!



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TANGO!, originally uploaded by vonbergen.net.

World Championships 2008, eliminatories – Mundial 2008, clasificatorios. (Fire emanating from body & eyes)!

Street Tango II

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Street Tango II, originally uploaded by grace3737 (on vacation).

The movement and the sensual passion are told so wonderfully in the purest nuances of this black & white photograph!


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Confession, originally uploaded by sensualpersona.

During my latest evening of Tango dancing, I was wearing a skirt which was just a bit longer than this one. As you may have read in my (Flickr) profile I really enjoy the nakedness and adventure of wearing short skirts and dresses without wearing panties. One of the guys I danced with really swung me around a lot and my boyfriend told me later with a worrying voice that he spotted my vaginal lips at least 4 times. I felt embarassed and aroused at the same time, but I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it, because I was asked for the next dance.

It was a guy who was at least twice my age and it surprises me sometime how great vitality and smooth dancing go together with older age. When he complimented me with my sensual lips I didn’t know for sure which lips he was referring to. That cafe (The Syndicate) has quite a small dance floor and the next tango was a slow one. It was very crowded and we danced in close embrace. I let my left hand slide down in an easy manner and felt his sturdy bottom move with my body and the music. He obviously felt he could do the same, because I felt how his hand slid down casually onto the back of my skirt.

At that same time I felt his manhood grow in his trousers, while his hand slid down a little lower under the rim of my skirt. My heart started to beat a little higher, but then he slowly and casually moved his hand up under my skirt! I was doubting what to do until I looked him in the eyes. He had this warm, daring and intense look in his eyes and I felt sure that he was quite playful about what he did right then. It was that playfulness that made me relax into his arms and dance on.

He kept looking into my eyes when his hand moved up, his fingers slowly caressing my inner thigh. It was only a matter of (very long) seconds before he touched my bare vaginal lips! His eyes became even more intense, while we were still slowly moving around between the other dancers packed within the cafe. He began feeling and rubbing my lips slowly, while my heart was now bouncing in my chest. I checked if my boyfriend could see what was happening, but I spotted him at the bar, trying to get throug the cue to buy a drink.

I felt how my dancing partner now had a thick and hot rod hidden in his pants and my lower lips felt like they were dripping with wetness from the excitement. I noticed a couple sitting at the edge of the dancing space looking with a big smile and great interest at my skirt. It was only then that I realised how part of my nude butt was exposed to their eyes and so was the hand that was caressing my lips below that butt with lovely intent. Within a second I moved my hips in a sudden turn.

This made it even worse because my partner was not as quick, making my skirt slide up completely, exposing all my completely naked flesh under my skirt for everyone to see. The packed crowd saved me, because I only noticed a few people giving a possible sign that they could see my derriere! And than something strange started to happen. The look in my partner’s eyes was still playful but at the same time there was an intensity to it that connected with the intimacy and vulnerability of being naked. Something that I would normally only feel while making love with my boyfriend.

I suddenly felt a total surrender to my sensuality within the dance. I felt eager to be watched by all the men and women within the cafe, while my body was being touched only by the music, my partner and the air that I was breathing. It wasn´t my heart that was pounding anymore. It was my whole body pulsating with sexual energy and it wanted to be seen, enjoyed by admiring eyes that were already undressing me now with their interested looks. It felt like being drunk and I wanted my partner to bluntly expose me as much as possible.

It was as if his eyes were saying “are you sure” and it felt like there was a slightly dangerous touch added to his gaze. It was like he looked right into my heart and I only remember my heart shouting “yes, please, expose me, show me, let me feel naked completely!” It felt like I wanted everyone to see ME. Dancing naked with all these people around me would show them all of ME. Not the cover, the package, but ME.

Skirt, Booty & Stockings, originally uploaded by arndbutoh.

My body moved in a spasm, pushing my behind even more outwards, as if it was begging for his hands to keep caressing it’s halves. As if he could feel my thoughts, my partner now moved his hand casually to the side of my skirt and with a swing in the dance his arm moved my skirt up completely again, now even more than before, right up to my middle, showing my completely naked butt, my naked and shaved vagina, and my naked upper part of my thighs right down to the edge of my hold-up stockings. I was bending over, leaning my breasts against his chest, pushing my butt backwards, positioning my vaginal lips outward as if my body wanted everyone to feel induced to lick me or even penetrate me, and I shivered from the fear about the desire that made me dare to go beyond all fear!

It frightened me that I was thrilled! I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol and I was completely drunk from the feeling this blunt exposure brought home to me. I saw quite a few gazing faces that noticed my completely bare bottom and naked genitals, and it made me drunk in the surrender that I felt during the few seconds that my partner held up my skirt. As if nothing had happened, he changed the position of his arm and my skirt fell down friveously, while we kept on dancing.

All this had happened in only a few minutes and I’m still trembling when I think of what happened. My boyfriend was one of the gazing faces at the end and that put an end to the excitement. I still have to cope with the not so nice reaction he had and somehow I understand. On the other hand I feel this experience is very important for me and I need to come to terms with it. I wrote this spontaneously, when looking at this picture, giving a comment.

Reading my comment back, it had become so lenghty, I decided to copy the picture of Arnd Butoh on my own stream (with a link back to the source of course), as the source of inspiration that made me share this confession and get to terms with what has taken me over recently. This picture makes feel me less alone about my personal experience, knowing other people may have similar experiences and dare to share them here. I’m learning about me and I love and dread it!

Jeans skirt Trainride

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Jeans skirt Trainride, originally uploaded by arndbutoh.

This is sooo daring and erotic!

erotic trainride

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erotic trainride, originally uploaded by arndbutoh.

I love this picture and the story that goes with it:

Another ‘trainride’ series. The young student that passed by in his walk to the toilet nearly stumbled over his own feet when he spotted her legs and her breasts clearly visible through this transparent blouse. Again we were to late with disguising our shoot. This time it was really funny because of the expression on the young mans face! We decided to just go on with the shoot and see what pose she would be in when he returned from the right hand side through the connecting doors between the two carriages.

Black Leather & Maze

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Black Leather & Maze, originally uploaded by arndbutoh.

Gorgeous photo of Erotic model in train!


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Stretched, originally uploaded by arndbutoh.

Sensual nude in the Forest. I would love being ‘hung-up’ like this, especially in such an open and natural surrounding!

Over the top

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Over the top, originally uploaded by ewabutoh.